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Frequently Asked Rental Questions

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please submit it here so that others may benefit from your inquiry.

If I make a rental reservation online, when can I pickup my instrument?
We'll usually call you and have your instrument ready for pickup within a matter of minutes after you submit the online rental application. 

Will I have to pay or give my credit card information to make a reservation?    
Yes you will need to pay a $2 reservation fee in order to make the reservation.

Can I just come into your store to rent the instrument?
Of course, but it will save you time to reserve online. OC Music is open on weekdays until 7:00pm and Saturdays until 2:00pm. We are usually closed on Sundays and holidays.

What comes with the instrument?
Violins, violas and cellos come complete with cases and bows. Wind instruments come with their own carrying case along with a sterilized mouthpiece. We pre-package all of the instruments with their reccommended supplies. These consumable supplies are available for purchase at checkout.

I have misplaced my school band paper. Can you tell me what accessories I need?

Yes. We rent literally hundreds of instruments to both Saddleback and Capistrano school distircts, so we know exactly what you need.

Is the instrument I rent going to be new or used?
Virtually all of our rental instruments are brand-new or like-new condition. And even with our used instruments, we go to great lengths to ensure that they are meticulously maintained and in top working order. Every instrument is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, sterilized, and comes ready to play. We have a well-deserved reputation as having the nicest instruments in Orange County.

What if I need to have my instrument repaired?
In the event that repairs are needed, bring the instrument back to us and we'll repair it on-site - and probably while you wait. If an extended period of time is needed for the repair, a replacement instrument will be given to you at no charge.

Do you offer any kind of insurance?
Yes our Instrument Protection Plan costs around $5 per month for most instruments, and protects your child's instrument against fire, theft and minor repairs.  Any claims of theft must be accompanied by a police report. We encourage Lessee to add our Instrument Protection Coverage which covers fire, theft and all typical maintenance on the instrument.  Without coverage Lessee is 100% responsible for everything related to the instrument. The optional protection does not cover broken mouthpieces or any damage from misuse, neglect or abuse. This optional coverage may be cancelled by either party at any time.

What happens if my child quits band or orchestra?
Hopefully you will make your child stick with it! But if not, we will negotiate a reasonable buy-out option on the contract.

Will the instrument I rent from you be suitable for my child's band or orchestral program?
Our selection of instruments includes the name brands that band instructors trust; including industry heavyweights such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Selmer, Cremona, and Bach. You can rent from us, assured that the instrument you rent meets all the requirements of your child's music program.

My child has outgrown his/her violin, what do I do now?

While a child won't outgrow a brass or woodwind instrument, it's common for children to outgrow their stringed instrument just like they out grow their clothes. When your child gets too big for their stringed instrument, simply trade it in for the next size up. There's just a $20.00 charge for the trade-up and we will apply 50% of your prior payments to the new instrument. 

How does rent-to-own work?
With our rent-to-own plan, all rental payments go towards the purchase of the instrument. The length of time need to fully pay off an instrument varies by instrument type and quality, but once the final payment is received, the instrument is yours to keep.

How long does it take to "own" the instrument through rental?

The term varies depending on the quality and type of instrument. A common term is 18 months, though some instruments may extend to 36 months or longer.

Do you charge sales tax?

We do, but it is included in the monthly rental fee.

Is there a minimum contract length?
Yes, the contract does have a fixed "minimum rental term" that is coordinated with the school year. However, if you must break the contract, we will offer you a reasonable contract buy-out option.